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The Driverless Driver

Middle-lane hogs are now being taken to court. But will this persuade them to actually move their steering wheels? Driving is a wonderfully useful thing. It gets you from A to B without breaking a sweat, without getting cold or… Read More »The Driverless Driver

Gauging the Future

Mark Simpson on the information overload facing today’s drivers Before we all started zooming around cyberspace and endlessly fiddling with games, apps and cool lock screens on our smartphones, the most exciting sense of interactive information – of hardcore control… Read More »Gauging the Future

The Etiquette of Denting

When it comes to minor bumps when parking are you a bit of a Penny? When no one’s looking? In the long-running TV sit-com Big Bang Theory, Penny the failed actress and Leonard’s on-off girlfriend, asks “What’s so great about… Read More »The Etiquette of Denting