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Between Laughter & Shudder

The ticklish, sexy wickedness of ‘Saltburn’ Not many films manage to reinvent sex, or even just find fresh, powerful ways of representing it, especially in our jaded, online, perma-gaped age. (Or is that just me?) And if you’d told me… Read More »Between Laughter & Shudder

The Butchness of Bitchness

Genetics, same-sexing and the macho appeal of risk-taking Is male bisexuality related to a taste for risk-taking? A recent genetic study suggests that it may be, in part. Using the UK’s Biobank DNA database of half a million people, a research team… Read More »The Butchness of Bitchness

Jeremy Allen Tighty-Whities

A forensic examination of the current state of male objectification I’ve not watched The Bear. Or the US version of Shameless.  Hence, I’ve been semi-bemused for some time by social media pushing semi-naked photos of the Brooklyn born actor Jeremy Allen White,… Read More »Jeremy Allen Tighty-Whities

A Well-Rounded Future

Admiring the dystopian screwball romcom ‘Upload’ The future is always about the present, but the present can also be about the future.  If it’s darkly funny enough. I recently finished three seasons of Upload, on Amazon Prime Video. Created, directed and… Read More »A Well-Rounded Future

Home Stallone

The thwarted daddy-love – and missing mommy – behind the pump-action hero I’m not a Sylvester Stallone fan. In fact, I couldn’t bear him back in the day. I spent much of the eighties sniffily ignoring his smash-hit movies and… Read More »Home Stallone