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Is That a Hot Glue Gun in Your Pocket?

Give your pants (and your ego) a little boost with this D.I.Y. crotch bulge. — Tatered (@tatered) December 29, 2017 Shame the beard isn’t as convincing as the stuffed crotch.

Just For Men & Hipsters

Remember Just For Men? Or ‘JFM’ as it likes to call itself now. Well, it never went away – and it’s all over social media. Though perhaps it’s just my social media – because those pesky algorithms know how old… Read More »Just For Men & Hipsters

I Am Beardy Man. Hear Me Roar.

A collection of hirsutely hilarious photos from this year’s National Beard and Mustache Championships. Full marks to the extensively tonsured furry chaps who didn’t take themselves too seriously to take part in this shoot. But in truth, as a raging pogonophobe,… Read More »I Am Beardy Man. Hear Me Roar.

What Do Men Want?

Facial hair fascinates me. I’m not actually much of a fan of it personally, but symbolically I’m besotted. Particularly the way that it is no longer a secondary sexual characteristic, a sign of manhood, or a love of Real Ale,… Read More »What Do Men Want?