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I Am Beardy Man. Hear Me Roar.


collection of hirsutely hilarious photos from this year’s National Beard and Mustache Championships.

Full marks to the extensively tonsured furry chaps who didn’t take themselves too seriously to take part in this shoot.

But in truth, as a raging pogonophobe, I have to admit that all beards look like this to me.

Except of course the one belonging to my good pogonophile chum Lee Kynaston, who recently wrote this sagacious piece in the Telegraph about why some men should never grow beards.

Tip: Norbert Mirani

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1 thought on “I Am Beardy Man. Hear Me Roar.”

  1. Sagacious subjectivity from a man who loves beards about why some men should grow them. There’s a notion to take to bed.

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