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The Legendary Test

Mark Simpson on the (fast diminishing) difference between fame and legend (The Hospital Club magazine, Spring 2010) A recent bloody assassination attempt on Gore Vidal, the last great American man of letters by the English journalist Christopher Hitchens in the… Read More »The Legendary Test

The Geeks Inherit The Earth

Mark Simpson goes over to the Dark Side at Comic-Con (Out magazine, September 2009 – uncut version) “I have seen things you people wouldn’t believe,” confides Batty, the beserker droid played by Rutger Hauer at the climax of the 1982 sci-fi… Read More »The Geeks Inherit The Earth

Fight Club: How Gay is MMA?

Mark Simpson attends an epic UFC event and finds himself turned on to the charms of ‘gay porn for straight men’. (Originally appeared in Out magazine, June 2008) Imagine the Space Shuttle taking off with a really fat customized exhaust… Read More »Fight Club: How Gay is MMA?

Catterick Garrison Goes Gay

A decade ago the ban on lesbians and gays serving in the UK military was lifted.  This summer Mark Simpson attended the first gay night on a UK garrison.  For purely professional reasons.  No, really. (Also published on There isn’t at first… Read More »Catterick Garrison Goes Gay