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Cruising the Streets

Mark Simpson gets mixed messages on the High Street   (Another ‘lost’ Attitude column – this one from 1999) It was one of those indecently mild winter days. The sort that makes everyone feel a little bit naughty. As if… Read More »Cruising the Streets

Fight Them On The Beaches

Mark Simpson tests Essex’s coastal defences against gentrification (The Times Magazine, 2001) Whitstable, Broadstairs, Brighton and most of Suffolk have gone already.  Swept away forever under a tsunami of renovation. These once proudly tatty towns have been lost forever to… Read More »Fight Them On The Beaches

How Did Top Gun Get So Gay?

The famously homoerotic ’80s fly-boy flick used to be totally no-homo (Originally published in the Daily Telegraph May 12, 2016) Thirty years ago today, the stars of Top Gun were taxiing  the red carpet at the premiere in New York. The film,… Read More »How Did Top Gun Get So Gay?