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Jeremy Allen Tighty-Whities

A forensic examination of the current state of male objectification I’ve not watched The Bear. Or the US version of Shameless.  Hence, I’ve been semi-bemused for some time by social media pushing semi-naked photos of the Brooklyn born actor Jeremy Allen White,… Read More »Jeremy Allen Tighty-Whities

Spornos Go To War

NATO brings out the big guns. And huge, pumped bazookas. Spornosexuals (and man buns) have been mobilised in the propaganda war. The North Atlantic alliance would like you to meet, like, share and follow Lasse Matberg. Model, influencer, ‘modern Viking’… Read More »Spornos Go To War

Lights, Camera, Action Man

It was announced last month that the little man is finally getting the big screen treatment. The director of the last two Muppet films is making an Action Man action movie. But it seems that have beaten him to… Read More »Lights, Camera, Action Man