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Spornos Go To War

NATO brings out the big guns. And huge, pumped bazookas.

Spornosexuals (and man buns) have been mobilised in the propaganda war.

The North Atlantic alliance would like you to meet, like, share and follow Lasse Matberg. Model, influencer, ‘modern Viking’ and hench, hot-oiled Lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy. 

To quote the Duke of Wellington, “I don’t know what effect these men will have on the enemy, but by God, they terrify me.”

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2 thoughts on “Spornos Go To War”

  1. Plus ca change! Man, gun, uniform. Sex. Double-up on NATO stuff and give us back 007 Sean Connery’s hairy chest and pubes. Doubt this chap can act but the manbun, long hair and that provocative power-bottom pose is not terrifying. On the contrary, just salacious. He needs a contract with Estee Lauder or some such for his mane. And then some un-publishable stuff. Sort-of. Kind-of crosses the line between Sporno, Metro, and Putin’s bare-chested holiday shots. Time for a new word Mark!

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