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Metrosexual Podcastery

Back in early March I contributed over the phone to a Slate magazine podcast by Willa Paskin on the history of the metrosexual Stateside.

I first wrote about my insufferably pretty offspring in the UK’s Independent newspaper in 1994 – but in 2002 I introduced him to the US on The essay went viral and he quickly spread himself around like nobody’s business.

After I spoke to Slate, another kind of pandemic intervened. But the podcast is now up and you can, if you’re so inclined, listen to it here.

I’ve not yet got around to reviewing it myself (you won’t believe me, but I hate the sound of my voice). So can’t vouch for its accuracy or otherwise.  

If I sound a little rough around the edges this may have something to do with the transatlantic connection, and the fact I was coming down with gastric flu at the time. Which definitely wasn’t pretty.

Though of course, now I wonder whether it really was gastric flu – or something more ‘novel’….

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