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The Penis Mightier Than the Paintbrush (If Less Easy To Soak Overnight)

Canadian performance artist and humpy former erotic entertainment industry model Brent Ray Fraser recently appeared on France’s Got Talent, knocking one out for the panel.

A portrait, that is.

Slightly disappointing to discover that France’s version of Simon Cowell’s talent show has exactly the same format as the UK one – right down to the camp judges. Though they seem to have economised on Ant and Dec, opting for just a single sniggering Dec Francaise.

It is though rather impressive that France considers a naked, buff man basically masturbating with paint good family entertainment. Although Britain’s Got Talent has featured singing male strippers, they kept their stuffed undies on. Mr Fraser’s paint-balling would bring the safety curtain down over here.

France however seemed très amusant. And it was very touching to see how excited women in the audience – and particularly the two young lads – got over this big piece of art.

To their credit, the French didn’t seem to mind that Fraser appears to have learned their tongue from John Wayne.

An earlier work of Fraser’s got some shares on t’internet a while back. His naked hike to the top of a Canadian mountain to paint a Maple Leaf with his pride and joy is something of an epic. It looks like a great workout for the calves. Not just up all those steps – past gawping Japanese tourists – but all that tippy-toeing Fraser has to do to reach the canvas on the easel.

It also looks as if this penis painting lark might be a form of jelqing. Mind you, as Fraser dragged his poor paint-smeared glans back and forth across the raspy canvas, I found myself wondering whether you have to be circumcised to be a naked painter. My snug uncut bell end certainly isn’t used to that kind of exposure.

Either way, Men’s Health really need to run a big spread on Fraser and his inspiring and creative fitness regime.

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6 thoughts on “The Penis Mightier Than the Paintbrush (If Less Easy To Soak Overnight)”

  1. I’m reminded of a Simpsons episode, where Groundskeeper Willie is My Fair Ladied by Lisa. After one of his songs, another character remarks that he would sing everything if he had Willie’s singing voice. Clearly, Fraser got THAT memo. With a body like that, who needs clothes?

  2. This piece may have been predicted by Peggy Guggenheim, who famously described Jackson Pollack as “a cock with a paintbrush”.

    Reminds me of Brigid Berlin’s famous tit-prints. She also had her cock drawings book.

  3. I kind of feel sorry for him-he was obviously embarrassed (no pun intended) by his nudity, towards the end of the video. Nice body and dick and stuff, but kind of pointless really. I liked the version of ‘Oh Canada’ he used….There must be easier ways of being noticed. Maybe talent would help?

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