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What Exactly Was Heterosexuality?

This classic Gay Liberation poster from 1975 by Alan Wakeman mocking mid-century heterosexist platitudes remains very funny indeed. It’s also still perhaps the best response to those – straight and gay – still seeking to find the ’cause’ of homosexuality.

Though obviously the ‘Cultural Deprivation’ balloon at the bottom is no longer true:

‘Heterosexual men… think themselves “ugly”, beauty being ascribed only to women. Many psychic disorders stem from this self-rejection.’

Three decades on, male heterosexuality has been pretty much phased out and replaced by metrosexuality – spectacularly abolishing the sexual division of looking and loveliness. Men nowadays clearly think themselves irresistible, thank you very much.

In fact, if it was drawn today this chart would be titled: ‘What Exactly Was Heterosexuality?’

The revolutionary, universal promise of Gay Liberation has been realised – at least in the bathroom and bedroom. By non-gay men as much if not more than gay ones.

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  1. Thanks – I did mention Mr Wakeman and include a link but the link turned the text of his name ‘dark’ – which happens sometimes for reasons I can’t ascertain. And with a dark theme this means means the text is invisible. Oh and the link didn’t work.

    So I really did well there.

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