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Tasty New Works from Pallavi Singh

The rather wonderful Delhi based artist Pallavi Singh who was featured on this blog last year has shared with me her latest paintings exploring the Indian experience of metrosexuality. With her kind permission I’ve posted them below with some explanatory text from the artist. (My personal favourites are probably ‘Graynian Shades’, ‘Man Crush’, and ‘Beauty and the Man Bag’.)

In my previous works “Here comes the Mirror Man”, “Rise of Mirror Man” and “Mirror Mirror on the wall” showed comfort and acceptance of metrosexual needs and compared the two phenomena i.e. the distinction between “to be admired” and “to be adored”.’

The works titled It’s A Man’s World, Graynian Shades, Appropriation and Box Of Vanity tries to explore man’s love for himself, being a commodity fetishist and appropriating grooming which was primarily associated with women in the past.

work 1
work 2
work 4
work 3

Work Man Crush showcases admiration of man by another man and contradicting the notion only beauty of women is adorned.

work 5

Work Antinomy of masculinity shows grooming is another form of masculinity.

work 6

The last work Beauty and the Man Bag is inspired by Indian mythology, it showcases how man has finally opened his man bag (wallet) to buy beauty. The character of the shopkeeper has been taken from the Indian mythology God Hanuman (who resembles a monkey) with a mountain of sanjeevani booti (selaginella bryopteris) plant that cures and gives life to anything. It symbolizes the yearning of modern man to spend money to purchase product to cure/protect beauty.

work 7

All images Copyright Pallavi Singh 2013

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