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Invictus – Smells Like Team Sporno

This bombastic ad for Paco Rabanne’s new fragrance for men ‘Invictus’, released this Summer, stars Aussie rugger bugger Nick Youngquest, his muscles, his tatts, his beard, and most of all his obliques. (They’re the diagonal lines above those track pants with the really worn waist elastic – pointing to his, ahem, priceless package.)


The world’s paparazzi bathe him in money-shot white flashes as he strolls through a stadium showing off his oiled, winning body with a rather self-satisfied grin. Not that we hold it against Nick, of course. We wish we could hold it against him.

The whole ad with its Olympian motifs seems to be referencing the ‘Gods of the Stadium’, ‘Gods of Football‘ sporno vibe – which Nick also appeared in a few years back.

Also with his arms in the air, inviting our attentions:


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6 thoughts on “Invictus – Smells Like Team Sporno”

  1. The contestants look very… French. Not that that’s a bad thing.
    You’re right about pit hair probably interfering with Mr Youngquest’s signature move. Though he’s not the only one. Whenever I want to get rid of marble men chasing me I always raise my defined arms in the air, showing off my bis, flick my wrists and BOOM! they shatter in shame.

  2. Apparently it is also part of their Big Brother style competition where they take 7 noobs & make them compete. But it seems Nick Youngquest won the award already.

    I’m just wondering why I wasn’t called to help them choose a winner!

    Note: Having underarm hair might make his signature move (throwing up his hands) slightly slower, I’m sure it is an issue of speed & power!

  3. Lee, You come on MY blog to brag that you met Nick Youngquest?? And what’s more, tell me that you made him NERVOUS???
    You’re right about the banned pit hair – I hadn’t spotted that. It doesn’t look as if he’s allowed pubes either.

    S-P, I did teach you that phrase. But I decided to see if I could manage NOT to use it this time. And then you go and use it for me….

  4. The Gods of The Stadium vibe is actually a whole trend in male fragrance advertising. D&G did it with their ads for The One Sport and Versace did it with Eros.
    I actually had the good fortune to meet Nick at the press launch for Invictus in Paris a few months back and can report that despite the God-like appearance he’s actually very sweet, boyish and softly spoken. In other words very mortal.
    What struck me most about the print ad campaign, though, is that whilst it’s ok to have a beard it’s clearly not ok to have any hint of pit hair…

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