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Alain Delon’s Slaughtering Looks

Perhaps it’s Madge overload, but I completely missed this rather catching ‘Beautiful Killer’ tribute to the very fetching Swiss-French actor Alain Delon that she included on her 2012 MDNA album.

This YouTube compilation of breathtaking Alain Delon moments reminds us of how preposterously pretty the young Monsieur Delon was. He makes Johnny Depp look almost plain.


Even laid out on the cover of The Smiths’ The Queen is Dead he looks ravishing. Truly, an immortal.

Delon dead

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7 thoughts on “Alain Delon’s Slaughtering Looks”

  1. Indeed, Mark. I still don’t pay much attention to the dialogue in his movies_ too taken with his looks. Strange though how we idolize certain people as youths- I still have no sense of him as a personalty- only as an idol.

  2. I never thought too much of Neuman until he got old and fat. Alan D. was my first crush on the screen- before I could speak French. Just have to look at him- lovely features all over anywhere.

  3. Stephen: You’re absolutely right that Newman was the nearest American pretty thing to Monsieur Delon – his mother was from Slovakia, which isn’t, in the global scheme of things, so far away from Switzerland. They certainly share the same killer eyes.

  4. Pretty indeed, but he the man doesn’t do a lot with his face, does he? From the clip he appears to wander about with a single expression, preferring to adjust his hat instead of his eyebrows.

  5. Paul Newman in ‘Hud’ offers an all-American riposte – utterly ravishing in the rumpled white bedsheets as he ‘bonds’ with Brandon de Wilde in the western dawn. I couldn’t find that clip but see the trailer at
    As it happens a (male) friend of mine recalls a happy fling with PN in the back of a car at Yale c. 1950 …

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