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Posho Sporno: Warwick Uni Rowers Take on Homophobia with Homophilia

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6 thoughts on “Posho Sporno: Warwick Uni Rowers Take on Homophobia with Homophilia”

  1. I guess that’s my problem, rowing in the UK is associated far too much with being a ‘posh’ upper middle class sport. Whilst there are good historical reasons for that stereotype those reasons are increasingly just that – historical. The same historical things could equally be said about rugby, tennis and cricket and yet they are never tainted with the elitist brush in quite the same way that rowing is.

    Thanks for replying and sorry for the rant when this article is just meant to be about some pretty, relaxed boys getting naked for a good cause. It’s just I get fed up of people assuming that because I row I went to a public school not a comprehensive and I worry that this sort of thing puts off the next generation of builders, scaffolders and farm hands that I’ve met through rowing from taking up what is, in my experience, a very liberal and welcoming sport.

  2. Angus! Honoured to have been an inspiration to such a film – and good to see such brazen male tartiness linked directly to combatting anti-gay sentiments.

    The chaps are historically pretty. When they’re carrying their oars they reminded me of Ancient Greek Ephebes with their spears.

  3. Mark, I read your article on sporno way back, and once met you. Anyway, I produced this film, and your article was an inspiration to me. So thank you twice – for the inspiration and the shout out!

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