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A Cockwork Orange

This promo for PETA released in honour of World Vegan Day, ostensibly extolling the ‘sexual health benefits of going vegan’, is quite possibly the  the most terrifying video I’ve ever seen. I’ll never be able to touch ragout again.

I’m all for gratuitous phallicism but really, this takes the celery.

Even worse than the visuals is the message. Forget the official line about cholesterol and arteries, PETA seems to be telling us that contrary to what you may have heard vegans aren’t limp-lettuce nancy-boys – they’re HEgans. With marrow-sized man-meat! Yeah! Suck on THAT!!

Think I’ll just have the sausage, thanks.

Tip: JeanieLove

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3 thoughts on “A Cockwork Orange”

  1. I was definitely torn between being mortified, titillated and amused. I found myself laughing through most of it. It’s a very impressive way to put forth a message, but I do take issue with their need to market a message of health to men this way.

  2. Oh indeed, YUK! Thoroughly sinister – from the opening carrot thrust on. All those threatening vegetables combined with horror-movie facial expressions and unnerving soundtrack – too much! If I start having nightmares involving malevolent, stalking aubergines I’m suing (my God-given right if not duty as an American)…

  3. OMG! Horrible! Funny, but truly disgusting. And I especially dislike the choice of an *eggplant* in place of David’s lovely natural endowment. If nothing else, this video makes an effective argument against PETA’s position and in favor of the “meat” analogy. Sausages, salami, wieners, even snakes are more appetizing in this context. When it comes to man sex, we’re all carnivores.

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