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Sexy and I Show It: Parading Cadets (& Olympic Divers)

Last year metrodaddy declared the LMFAO dance hit ‘Sexy and I Know It’ an anthem  for the Jersey Shore/Geordie Shore/The Only Way is Essex/The Hunks/Men’s Health Magazine generation of metrosexy young men and the metaphorical (and not so metaphorical) spangly Speedos they’re flaunting themselves in.

But I have to say I was a tad ambivalent about the heavily ironic hipster promo video.

Fortunately, it’s been remade by non-hipsters. In shape non-hipsters. Cadets from the USAF Academy, no less. Now, in case anyone objects that this is conduct unbecoming future officers (and apparently some killjoys have) perhaps we should remember that one of the lesser known meanings of ‘cadet’ is ‘pimp’.

Though here of course they’re pimping their own bodies. Like the rest of today’s young men.

Not to be outdone, US Navy cadets have also taken up the challenge (see below). Which do you think is sexier? And which one knows it most? Air Force or Navy? Or neither? So far I haven’t been able to locate an Army or USMC version – but something tells me it won’t be long.

Tip: Roger Clarke and  Towelroad

And here’s the British Army version – ‘Squaddie and I Know It’


UK Olympic diver Tom Daley and his chums have recorded their own Speedo-tastic version (I especially like Tom’s Carmen Miranda moment):

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4 thoughts on “Sexy and I Show It: Parading Cadets (& Olympic Divers)”

  1. Yes, the women naval cadets were very convincing as straight men. Much more so than the straight men.

    I think I overvalued the videos because by the time I was alerted to a post about the first video on Towelroad the YouTube clip had already been ‘removed by the user’. Which always spikes the interest. I had to spend several whole minutes looking for an alternative source, in which time my imagination (remember that?) did all the important work.

  2. Perhaps we’ve already reached the point of being too self-aware, or deliberate?

    These didn’t strike me as sexy at all, even though I love the *idea* of “cadets” making half-naked videos of themselves goofing around. Would prefer full nudity, but will settle for what’s possible.

    Honestly, the parts I liked best were when the gorilla-suit’s sunglasses fell off (twice) in the Air Force video, and the women naval cadets. Now there are some sexy women–and they performed their “straight man” roles in the comedy expertly.

  3. It was you that shopped them, wasn’t it?

    I’ll admit that neither video exactly gets my blood pumping. Officers don’t really do it for me. Even when they’re being ungentlemanly. But at least they’re not hipsters.

  4. Meh. I don’t find either of these videos remotely sexy or funny. I couldn’t agree more with your statement about these guys “… pimping their own bodies. Like the rest of today’s young men.”

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