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Details Magazine Reviews ‘Male Impersonators’ and ‘Metrosexy’

Look around. Everywhere you turn, the male form is being idealized, commodified, fetishized. On TV screens (the ripped vampires of True Blood), in Hollywood (Ryan Gosling’s toned torso lifting Crazy, Stupid, Love to the top of the box office), and on billboards (towering images of chiseled men in briefs), laptops, and smartphones (the appendages of Weiner and Favre). Now look in the mirror. (And we know you do.) We’ve all become body-conscious to the core (not to mention conscious of our core). Working out more, eating better, dressing in slimmer clothes, getting the hedges trimmed (and maybe even a nip or a tuck). Because, in the end, we all want to look as good as David Beckham does in briefs. Have we entered a grand age of self-improvement? Or is it narcissism? Or homoeroticism? It’s all those things, and more

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5 thoughts on “Details Magazine Reviews ‘Male Impersonators’ and ‘Metrosexy’”

  1. So far so good. It will be interesting to see if Amazon let me know if there is an update. Thanks though.

  2. By the way, I’ve just discovered some formatting errors in the conversion to Kindle. I’m dealing with them now and uploading a corrected version shortly. Let me know if your version is affected and I’ll update yours.

  3. Just bought a copy of Male Impersonators for the iPad. Finally, now maybe I’ll know what your talking about 🙂

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