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Fag-Up, America

Column by yours truly over on HuffPo about why America needs to drop the manly strap-ons and fag-up instead.

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6 thoughts on “Fag-Up, America”

  1. Uroskin: I posted it on here a week or so ago. I think it’s tres drole. It’s sending up metrosexiness at the same time as celebrating it, despite the hipsterist tendencies of the lead singer. (Hipsters tend to look down on ‘sexiness’ as being too vulgar for them.)

  2. “I’m mocking the marketing and media business that exploits and encourages their paranoia.”

    You’re mocking them by even calling it paranoia. Men (primarily straight men) can’t simply defy gender expectations as if that has no consequences.

  3. Trivial and cruel pretty much sums me up.

    But if you read the piece I’m not mocking ‘men’. I’m mocking the marketing and media business that exploits and encourages their paranoia.

  4. Expecting men to “fag-up” about trivial, commercially oriented things and mocking them when they don’t seems pointlessly cruel when you consider that men are still required to be men in ways that actually have consequences.

    Men are told that women are their equals, but are still expected to put themselves in danger in order to protect them.

    Men are told they’re responsible for stopping rape even though they are the majority of rape victims.

    Men are expected to be stoic about their shorter life spans, unfair treatment by the law, and the fact that their mutilated at birth in high percentages.

    So men are trying out all these strategies to not be emasculated by modern culture? Maybe it’s because they’re warned that if they don’t live up to male-based expectations, they’ll be branded as creeps, cowards, and worthless losers.

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