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metrosexy serialised in The Independent

Today’s Independent carries a (very) edited version of the intro to metrosexy.

It’s quite apt that it should appear in the Indy — the first piece in this collection ‘Here Come The Mirror Men’, the one which first outed the metrosexual, appeared in the Independent, back in 1994.

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3 thoughts on “metrosexy serialised in The Independent”

  1. Yes, I’m reclining on a stripey deckchair in a fedora surveying the Tyne mud-flats – and the topless male Geordie tarts, whilst the black dye in my hair runs down my face.

  2. “It was a warm summer evening last year…”
    I can just imagine you in the role of Aschenbach in a Geordie version of Death in Venice, set on a South Shields beach.

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