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Paris Attacked By Army of Aberzombies – Surrenders Instantly

101 shirtless, hairless pairs of perfect pecs stop the traffic on Champs Elysees. All part of a shameless, highly successful ploy by Abercrombie & Fitch to draw attention to their new flagship store opening in Paris.

Back in Bushy, anti-American 2007, when A&F opened their London store I wrote about the ‘Frattish American Wet Dream Conquering the World’:

Dowdy Anti-Americanism isn’t, in the final reel, something that the world’s huddled masses actually want to wear. London will no doubt be a great, chest shaving, success for new Yankee imperialists A&F.’

But one that will be dwarfed, I’m sure, by the shrieking, fainting, hair-pulling success of any store they open in that supposed capital of America-hating – Paris.


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4 thoughts on “Paris Attacked By Army of Aberzombies – Surrenders Instantly”

  1. American retail companies are claiming to be looking energetically to be expanding all of their markets overseas, since the American market is shrinking rapidly to the %10 of people who make any money to speak of.

    The right wings rapid success at creating unemployment by having all of our production removed overseas to save the corporations scads of money on top of corporate welfare and reducing taxation mainly to the lower classes, leaves no one with money to spend on cloths. So while we become dirt poor, Europe,Asia and the third world will become will Americanized because America can ill afford it.

  2. Maybe they’re all cowboys from texas. Bow-legged-ness is an attractive quality though.

  3. Alas, I can’t claim that coinage.

    The scary thing is they could be French. Or Italian. Or American. Or British. Or Polish. And in fact, they’re probably all of those nationalities and more, flown in from around the world to bring Paris to its knees with their irresistible blandness.

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