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Nadal Hammered Into Sexy, Slippery Pieces by Armani

As if the tarty Armani poster of Rafael Nadal offering his arse to the world wasn’t slutty enough. Along comes the sporno video.

The tennis ace is being shoved up against the (unplastered) wall and then thrown down and hammered on the builder’s bench. Twice.

By the camera. Which chops up his body into sexy, slippery bits and pieces. Tits and ass and abs. Total, rampant, ruthless objectification. Which Mr Nadal – like many young men today – appears to relish.

And that liquid he’s half-drowning in. Is it bodily fluids? Or is he being water boarded by our gaze?

Could this video in fact be any sluttier, without actual penetration? Then again, wouldn’t your actual, standard-issue penetration diminish the sluttiness by making it both ‘hard’ and banal?  Instead of the grainy non-specific sluttiness that drips off everything in our mediated, metrosexy world.

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7 thoughts on “Nadal Hammered Into Sexy, Slippery Pieces by Armani”

  1. oh, I missed this post so far, and I realize how much I missed just now…

    the thing I like most is the breaking glass at the very beginning.
    it makes it almost an invitation: free yourself, you dumb heterosexual, get out of the closet, jump into the water room. kind of Anita Ekberg sadly revisited in low budget porn style.

    was this meant to be hi-class aspirational fashion?

  2. Honourable Husband: I’m not sure I could physically watch any more porn than I am already, but it’s always nice to be given permission to watch even more.

    As for the non-specific sluttiness of the ad – it’s not that I prefer it or Nadal to a good fuck, it’s that the male sluttiness and desire to be desired that the ad is drenched in, although (s)pornographic, isn’t about sex in the end. I’m not sure it’s even about money and luxury either.

  3. “Could this video in fact be any sluttier, without actual penetration? Then again, wouldn’t your actual, standard-issue penetration diminish the sluttiness by making it both ‘hard’ and banal?”

    Depends on the penetration, Mark. There are as many flavours of homosex as there are homosexuals, and seeing it in all its glory can be rich and rewarding. You should watch more pornography. You’ve been neglecting your studies.

    It’s really rather arty and high-minded of you to prefer a the allure of a sexy man to the allure of a sex act. Or do I read you wrong?

    But let’s forget about Nadal, and think about Armani.

    Luxury brands, in our middle class Puritan culture, have come to symbolise transgression, wickedness, and self indulgence, which is part of their allure.

    If I may be so bold as to make the observation, much display of metrosexuality involves luxury goods: fashion, fragrance, high-end sporting equipment, cars, travel and the like. After all, there’s plenty of homosexuality at Ikea, but not much metrosexuality, is there?

    I think I’ve urged you to do an analysis of metrosexuality and money before, haven’t I?

  4. ML: I’m not sure I fancy him either, Mary Lynn. But I know I don’t have much choice in the matter.

    Southdub: Anytime. Do you do real wood floors or only laminates? (Mine has lots of splinters.)

    Uroskin: Mummy is probably glad he didn’t make this vid in her front room. It would have ruined the carpet.

  5. I’m rather disappointed. Apparently, his ass is his best feature. The rest of him is not nearly so enticing.

    Sorry, for my tastes he’s just not up to snuff.

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