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Is The Situation a Tom of Finland Fan?

Or is Tom of Finland a Situation fan?

Compare these two pictures, one of a cartoonish mid-Twentieth gay porn fantasy swaggering/sashaying with his tits out down the street, the other of Mikey Sorrentino, cartoonish star of the MTV hit reality show Jersey Shore, swaggering/sashaying with his tits out down the street.

Tom of Finland sketch, c. early 1960s







MikeSorrentino, c. 2011

Mikey’s face isn’t quite the Tom-ish Scandinavian ideal — and his pants are, following the American Phalliban fashion, much roomier — but the sensual, shameless tits and abs certainly are.

These pics are spooky proof that half a century ago Tom of Finland was sketching the blueprints for the tarty male body of the 21st Century.

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6 thoughts on “Is The Situation a Tom of Finland Fan?”

  1. PaulQ: ‘Rock Hudson meets Arnold sas la fille du chambre’ is a very apt description of Tom’s work. It is pneumaticism with a toothy, big-jawed grin, innit? And you’re right, Varla would totally take Mikey, one arm tied behind her back.

  2. Tom of Finland’s work looks like Rock Hudson meets Arnold sans la fille du chambre. His heterosexual counterparts include Esquire “cheesecake” artist Alberto Vargas, any number of Playboy cartoonist, but most of all pneumatic auteur Russ Meyer (John Water’s favorite filmmaker, incidentally). I think Tura Satana’s ‘Varla’ would master ‘The Situation’ — with a deadly karate chop! (Mark, shame on you if you don’t appreciate the reference!)

  3. Tom of Finland had taste . . . or at least artistic ability and an imagination to make up for his lack thereof.

  4. errrrr…I meant from the waist up…I’ve seen the video of Sitch poppin’ wood while making a workout video…and he ain’t packing the stuff of that sketch! (below the belt)

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