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Much-Desired Liposuction & Guy Brows

From ‘Vanity thy name is man‘, by Mayenne Carmona at

Every time I come out with an article about new beauty procedures or products, half of my callers are male friends. These metrosexuals have no qualms about going to doctors and beauty salons to maintain their looks. They know that men are supposed to look rough and tough, but they want to look beautiful, too. As the world is changing, so are the taboos of yesteryear. The phrase “only gays do that” doesn’t exist anymore. For instance, it’s not only women who shape their eyebrows. Men do their eyebrows, too. In a London beauty salon, there is a “guy brow” night, a night dedicated only for men to shape, trim, wax, or thread their brows. Threading is a procedure where a bunch of hair is removed at one time by using a cotton thread.

…A gym mate told me recently that he was tired of seeing his love handles and no amount of exercise could remove it. I reminded him that after a certain age, love handles are there to stay. He was seriously contemplating having a liposuction and was asking around for the right doctor. I have not seen him in the gym recently. My guess is he is probably recuperating from his much-desired liposuction.

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