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Fitness Pioneer Jack LaLanne Now Pushing Up The Daisies

Jack LaLanne, the grand-daddy of Men’s Health magazine, inventor of American physical cultism, and early adopter of men’s jump-suits, has gone to the big gym in the sky, aged 96..

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3 thoughts on “Fitness Pioneer Jack LaLanne Now Pushing Up The Daisies”

  1. It is so sexy in this video that the belt on the jumpsuit is unbuckled, and how he sort of plays with it, but never fastens it.

    I remember those weird figure 8-ish puzzle buckles, they were so cool!

  2. Jack LaLanne is a mystery to me as he never made it across the Atlantic. He seems one of those quintessentially American figures. That jumpsuit looks a little familiar – I suspect it made it’s way onto the original series of Star Trek.

  3. Jack LaLanne went and ruined his image! He used to say he couldn’t die because it would ruin his image, and now he’s gone and done it.

    I grew up with Jack LaLanne on the telly, being from the San Francisco Bay Area, and my mom really did grow up with him in person. Jack was fond of towing boats around the bay, and my grandfather had a 50 foot sailboat that became one of Jack’s exercise devices.

    Oh well, I guess you can’t live forever . . . his jumpsuit should be in the Smithsonian.

    Jack was f

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