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New Du Stade Calender Shoot Blessed by Pope (and some excited nuns)

Perhaps Il Pape decided he wanted to muscle in on some of this inspirational action.

Tip: Andre Murracas

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12 thoughts on “New Du Stade Calender Shoot Blessed by Pope (and some excited nuns)”

  1. Robo walks the catwalk AND cruises for action (if you know what I mean). So there’s definite character development going on.

  2. Yeah, go cybersexual!
    Don’t forget to pose with every bullet fired (you have to see what this guy did to believe it)

    Of course, only verhoeven could prototype a cyborg metrosexual…this man made schwarzenegger’s jersey shore slickness into a self effacing, intellectual sufferer on mars.

    But I don’t think Simpsoncop would ever let that kind of sentimentality slide.

  3. There is nothing better than receiving a good blessing from Papa and his subordinates. Maybe watching these male athletes displaying their manly muscles might inspire the Pope to go “sporno” next year by releasing their own version of the calendar.

  4. I’d buy all of those.

    I watch rugby, swimming and gymnastics for all the wrong reasons too, and you’re right that the cameramen often don’t know – or don’t want to appear to know – where to point the camera. But now we’ve all got our big HD widescreen tellies and athletes have big HD widescreen egos, I think the ‘focus’ will change.

  5. Actually, like Cameron listening to The Smiths, it was almost a kind of aversion therapy. I may never be able to be aroused by muscular acrobatics ever again.

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