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Prince Poppycock Courts America

I’ve only just discovered the priceless, peerless, powdered Prince Poppycock, but what a discovery!  Do you think he was told ‘only girls wear hair slides’ when he was a kid?

(Apparently he made the final of AGT, but came last.)

Here he is in the semi-finals, out-glamming Freddie:

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13 thoughts on “Prince Poppycock Courts America”

  1. Prince Poppycock has a voice , , , He should be working for Donald Pippin’s sublime Pocket Opera in San Francisco (a.k.a. “Tosca, just for yucks!” He sings ‘Largo al factotum’ as though it were ‘Una voce poco fa’, which is perhaps how it should be sung.

  2. Poppycock is amazing! I really hope he goes on to do very well in the future. I love his make-up and clothing. He also designs his clothes himself, and then gets others to make them (or makes them himself). Far more talented than Lady Gaga, or anybody like that.

  3. Once again Mark S is showing his genius in highlighting/slagging exciting/crap new talents. I think him, Sharon Osbourne and Joan Rivers would make ideal AGT judges…wonder who could outbitch who?

  4. Prince P is one hell of a guy. That’s just by way of making this post relevant because my real reason for writing is to thank Mark.
    Mark – I’ve been reading your stuff since it first appeared in Attitude.
    The piece you wrote for “anti-gay” was and is inspirational. You were saying what I’d been thinking. You stll do. I recently re-read SEX TERROR and found myself grinning at the sheer zest and energy that comes off the page. And you’ve even put a new word in the dictionary. Hell of a guy.

  5. Prince Poppycock on facebook sez “My Patron Saint Morrissey’s picture hangs outside of my dressing room (I will twitpic soon).” Sigh.

  6. Yes! He did make me think of Liberace. Sort of Liberace somehow recuperating all the rock influences he produced/unleashed back into himself. With added excitement.

  7. We love us some Prince of PoPpycock. He looks just as hot out of make-up too . . . the bastard love child of Maria Callas and Liberace!

  8. Caught him through some American sites. It was great that he got the opportunity to go all out with his set designs.

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