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Cristiano Can’t Find His Shirt – But Always Knows Where the Camera Is

Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest for Armani shows him looking – not too hard – for his t-shirt.  Do you remember when maids rather than footballers were treated as sex-objects?  No?  OK, I must be getting very old indeed.  But of course this tradition is what the ad is playing on – the reversal, or reflection/refraction, of ‘the male gaze’ that has happened in the last couple of decades that is the signature style of metrosexuality.  And likewise it trumps the traditional presumption of feminine passivity and submissiveness: the maid is doing the perving.

Now, I’m all in favour of Cristiano wandering around half-naked, especially the bit where the camera zooms in on his astonishing thighs, but can we please have something just a little more convincing next time?  I mean, it’s entirely believable that he would be more interested in his favourite t-shirt than the pretty maid, but are we really supposed to believe that he wouldn’t notice someone scoping him?

After all, every cell in his breathtaking body is clearly soaking up the attention of the camera lens….

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8 thoughts on “Cristiano Can’t Find His Shirt – But Always Knows Where the Camera Is”

  1. That might be interesting; there is niche of male twin porn. In the U.S at least we live in a world so saturated with capitalist twaddle. The sickness has a lot to do with a sad insecure mentality.

  2. A extension of metrosexuality into the sexual behavior arena? As much as he treats her like an object(like a footstool) , he makes of himself an unavailable, hard to get sexual object.

  3. About all that was very noticeable to me was CR’s apparent disinterest (lack of acknowledgment actually) in the comely maid. My thoughts were either that he was either so autistic that he could have tripped over her,or otherwise he was gay and so narcissistic that he was only obsessed with his wardrobe. Likewise he could be sight deprived, and she only assumed that he could see her. She could be his sister, as well.
    One way or the other, there is certainly something which departs from the standard heterosexual girl/boy scenario.

  4. I suspect it was filmed separately with the two “actors” not in the same room together, hence the lack of proper interaction (maybe the actress got bored of the number of takes he took and finished her part early). Or Mr Ronaldo has perfected that upper class ability to regards servants invisible in their presence.

  5. Ah, trust you to spot that. I’m not nearly kinky enough to notice such things, but now you mention it, he does appear to look through her. I thought it was just bad acting, but I’m not so sure now.

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