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The Press Still Love-Hates ‘Twinkletoes’ Ronaldo So

Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest fashion foible, painted toe-nails has provoked the usual bitchy, mocking response that is attached to anything Ronaldo in the Anglo media. Despite – or perhaps because of – the way they seem to regard him as a sure-fire way of selling newspapers.

The announcement of the birth of his son by a surrogate mother last week also presented another opportunity to give him a good kicking. Some, like Celia Walden in The Telegraph, really going overboard in the expression of their tainted, twisted love.  It almost makes me regret outing the male narcissism of metrosexuality.  As one of the commenters on the Telegraph website points out, her husband Piers Morgan is everything she complains about in Ronaldo – but untalented and unattractive.  More generally it goes without saying that Ronaldo’s vanity would be considered normal and healthy and worthy of approbation in say, a much less pretty female journalist.

It’s possible, I suppose, that Ronaldo painted his toenails as a riposte to the ‘Twinkletoes’ school playground nickname (Twinkletoes was a fairy, geddit?) given to him by football fans and the tabloids during his stint at Manchester United.  But much more probable he painted his toenails just because he thought it would be fun and might look nice.  Which is an outrage.

Really, it’s no wonder that a year after leaving these shores the UK press continue to love-hate him so.  This boy from a humble Portuguese family is very rich.  He’s famous.  He’s fabulously talented.  He’s young. He’s absurdly good looking.  And he doesn’t owe anyone anything. Worst of all, he knows it and doesn’t bother to hide this knowledge. And he thinks nothing of painting his toenails because he feels like it, rather than because Esquire magazine told him to. Yes, he’s a spoilt child, but then – so are the gods.

Here are a couple of other recently snapped photos which may help explain the jealousy mere mortals feel towards him.   (And let me assure you most people working in journalism are very mortal indeed – inwardly and outwardly.)

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11 thoughts on “The Press Still Love-Hates ‘Twinkletoes’ Ronaldo So”

  1. I suspect that more straight men get those here than gays, who probably like fooling with their own feet and each others. I can’t imagine a straight woman helping with her husbands feet. Not in the U.S.

  2. In the U.S, unlike penis’ etc men have feet and hands like women & go to the cosmotologist. Good luck with the other parts, though. “Dragons Den” that sounds like a vaginal spray.

  3. In the U.S. male manicures and pedicures are not that uncommon-clear laquer included, for white men. Certainly straight men have worn earrings(jewel studs) for a long time and now younger men are wearing much larger plugs in both ears. Of course elaborate, extensive tattoos are pretty acceptable. Sometimes all over peoples faces. Men have always been more showy in this way, even choosing to have their penis’ done.

    The fascinating fact about Ronaldo is that he is using colored polish, which is quite deviant.

  4. I ‘m somewhat inclined to agree with you, that many heterosexual men really don’t bother to figure out how to give pleasure to a woman. That certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not simple–just that they are. I know from personal experience, and a few lessons how that works, even though I’m basically gay. logistically a woman’s clitoris has far less surface area to stimulate, and by and large, never requires swallowing or the complex technical manuvers required with a penis. The only difficulty I can imagijne (with some) is a possible loss of dentures. Certainly, the statistics for nonorgasmic women would drop dramatically if heterosexual boys just had a few lessons from their elders what to do.

  5. Either activity has it’s ups and downs; sometimes the reward is just that of doing a thing well and bringing a little happiness to the world; things aren’t everything.

  6. BTW women are generally very poor at sucking cock, at least from all i know and have experienced. Not having one, they have no sense of what feels good. A woman’s anatomy, on the other hand, leaves little to the imagination for what evokes pleasure.

  7. Women have for cetuntries taken money , and a whole lot more in return for producing men’s offspring. Some might think that that was a fairly cushy job. I imagine she was well reimbursed, and cared for in the process.
    Gay men and unsuccessfully productive pairs are resorting to surrogacy all the time. It really has less to do with wealth and status than with a male’s accepting his role in reproduction and choosing to have a child without the burden of having to drag a bride along.

    I any case, whether it be the toenails or his unconventional breeding habits, I can’t help but applaud Renaldo’s individuality in this world of cramping conformity and standardization. It seems that the old fashioned marriage routine has the forces of nature rapping at it’s door: single parent families have become more and more frequent.
    Likewise, the X-generation of youth today are desperate for examples of people who defy rather than bow to rigid precepts.

  8. Ha! Men do often donate their sperm in a liberal and generous fashion. I suspect though that Ronaldo would have had to come clean to his girlfriend if he had got the ‘surrogate’ up the junction by accident, since he’s such a public figure.

  9. It is intriguing, but we just don’t know. It could be what you suggest. It could be a one-night stand that produced a pregnancy, which Ronaldo then bought off. Or perhaps as a good Catholic he wanted to repeat the immaculate conception – with turkey basters. It could be also that Ronaldo wanted a child that would be ‘his’ – rather than one that left with the girlfriend/wife after the (almost) inevitable split.

    This latter possibility – which I haven’t seen acknowledged – is perhaps the reason why so many female writers laid into him for the surrogate birth. Yes, the whole business of surrogacy raises all sorts of questions in regard to the kids themselves, but perhaps the most alarming thing is that his wealth and status gives him the power to override the female monopoly of reproduction.

    But at least a woman got paid. Rather a lot. After all, it’s not entirely unknown for broody women to use men as self-propelled, unpaid turkey-basters. Though granted, an ejaculation isn’t entirely comparable to nine months carriage and childbirth.

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