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Ken Comes Out – As Metro

Apparently Ken Doll is the preening scene-stealer of Toy Story 3 – and ‘makes metrosexuals cool‘.

I haven’t seen it yet, but the clips are fun.

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8 thoughts on “Ken Comes Out – As Metro”

  1. I saw TS3 last night. Ken does steal the film. I’m baffled though at the analysis some feminists are reportedly making: that Ken is presented as being ‘gay, really’. He is besotted with Barbie and is probably the most heterosexual male toy in the movie. In fact, it’s his love for Barbie that makes a hero out of him in the end. But yes, he’s a real swisher too.

    He’s also kind of hot – in a disturbing, plasticky way. There’s a scene where he’s tied up in his boxer shorts while Barbie rips up his favourite clothes in front of him in an attempt to get him to spill the beans. I had to check the movie rating at that point.

    But perhaps the oddest thing about Ken Doll with his moulded hair, painted on eyes and 80s dayglo clothes is that of all the toys in the movie he’s the one that seems most human – or at least, most modern.

  2. I’ll have to watch the film to know for sure, but he’s certainly intriguing and appears to have eclipsed the other characters in press coverage – which of course is what most metros want.

  3. Blimey. I suppose being a killjoy has it’s own kind of, well, not joy exactly, but some kind of pleasure. It’s a vice I’m not entirely devoid of myself.

    Suitably forwarned and forearmed by all-seeing, all-knowing feminist doctrine I will watch TS3 with my arms folded. Tutting.

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