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More Gratuitous Footage of Straight Boys Acting Gay

Stolen from Natty Soltesz

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2 thoughts on “More Gratuitous Footage of Straight Boys Acting Gay”

  1. That is a very shrewd observation, Melony – and you’ve put your finger on the thing that is both funny and quite exhilirating about this. They may well be ‘post-bromantic’ (a great phrase btw) – but perhaps they’re only post bromantic when very drunk at the school disco, or when embarrassing the Principal. Either way that’s enough to be getting along with. Especially when they’re so adorable.

  2. Male homoeroticism has long been a source of humour, because intimacy between men is seen as laughably incongruous. But here the joke is on the Principal – it’s his discomfort with male intimacy that’s supposed to be ridiculous.

    Does that make these boys post-bromantics?

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