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‘The world’s most perceptive writer about modern masculinity’

Is me, apparently.

I can’t really find it in me to disagree.

From the global trend-spotting/cool-hunting website Science of the Time:

Mark Simpson is probably the world’s most perceptive – and certainly the wittiest – writer about modern masculinity. Mark Simpson has by far the sharpest mind when it comes to changing masculinities. With a worldwide reputation, a long story of excellence and many international publications he is simply world-wide leading.

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12 thoughts on “‘The world’s most perceptive writer about modern masculinity’”

  1. straightonlyinbed

    See, that’s the advantage of metro/gay. Homoerotic, automatic spam is actually craved and so the price of posting emails is abnegated, even made profitable.

  2. Hi Mark Walsh,
    reference your comment, i am currently carrying out my dissertation and i would like to use the quote that you wrote above, please let me know whether this is possible, and an email address so that i can get in touch.. many thanks

  3. I would call metrosexuality a sea change. It is about the dramatically shifting nature of male sexuality in the 21st century. Mark put a name to a change too massive more most people to realize was occurring. Sort of like F. Scott Fitzgerald writing about massive societal shifts in the post-WWI world in “This Side of Paradise”. But with chest waxing and sporno.

  4. A trend is just short lived and superficial ; an epoch, in contrast is somthing which burns its way into the fabric of society all the way to the roots so that it becomes a permanent fixture. of the social subconsious.

  5. what makes journalists still write about the ‘epoch’ now then, so long after u coined the term?

  6. You are to masculinity what Ms. Sullivan is to the obese hairy lesbian marriage movement. hands down!

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