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Sodom & Gomorrah, Srebrenica and The Gay Bomb

The wonderful thing about American generals is that they come with their own free tickle stick included – they don’t need Peter Sellers to send them up.

Former Supreme Commander of NATO, General John Sheehan this week argued, with an impressively straight if possibly half-paralysed face, at hearings in Washington DC examing the Pengatgon’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, that the reason 8000 Bosnian Muslims were infamously massacred at Srebrenica in 1995 was because the Dutch allow gay soldiers to serve in their army. Here’s the (conservative) Daily Telegraph’s account:

Gen Sheehan said that after the end of the Cold War, European militaries changed and concluded “there was no longer a need for an active combat capability.”

So, of course, those louche, ennervated Europeans it was his job as a manly Christian American warrior to order about threw their legs up in the air, snorted poppers and became completely passive.

He said this process included “open homosexuality” which resulted in “a focus on peacekeeping operations because they did not believe the Germans were going to attack again or the Soviets were coming back.”

Again, ‘open homosexuality’ – wide open, lubed-up homosexuality, no doubt. You really have to hand it to General Sheehan’s unconscious.  After all, he has. But then, it’s not at all shy. It’s completely unhidden, undisguised and unabashed. It’s all out there.  Way out there.

He went on to illustrate the fatal, irresistible consequences of allowing passive, open homosexuality in the military:

“The case in point that I’m referring to is when the Dutch were required to defend Srebrenica against the Serbs,” he said, referring to the UN peacekeeping force deployed to protect Bosnian Muslim civilians.

“The battalion was understrength, poorly led, and the Serbs came into town, handcuffed the soldiers to the telephone polls, marched the Muslims off and executed them.”

No doubt those faggy, understrength, poorly led Dutch soldiers enjoyed being handcuffed….

We shouldn’t really be so surprised at Sheehan’s worldview. Not just because this is the usual US Christian right ‘Sodom & Gomorrah’ obsession with divine punishment for tasting the forbidden fruit of male homosexuality (see Haiti earthquake, hurricane Katrina, 9-11, Aids etc. etc.) – God like totally hates it when your prostate gland is massaged and will slay your people like flies for allowing it to happen.

But also because Sheehan was a senior American general at the time that the Pentagon seriously and persistently considered developing a ‘Gay Bomb‘ – a chemical device that was to be dropped on enemy troops and somehow render them irresistible to one another (though now perhaps we should call it the ‘Dutch Bomb’) and thus of course render them completely impotent as fighting men.  As I wrote in 2007:

The Pentagon’s love affair with the Gay Bomb also hints heavily that ticking away at the heart of its opposition to lifting the ban on gays serving, which involved much emphasis on the “close conditions” (cue endless TV footage of naked soldiers and sailors showering together) was an anxiety that if homosexuality wasn’t banned the U.S. Armed Forces would quickly turn into one huge, hot, military-themed gay orgy – that American fighting men would be too busy offering themselves to one another to defend their country. I sympathize. I too share the same fantasy – but at least I know it’s called gay porn.

Supreme NATO Commander General Sheehan on the other hand, along with much of the conservative US, thinks its called common sense.

All I can say is that their homo fantasies are much stronger than mine. I’m almost jealous.

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10 thoughts on “Sodom & Gomorrah, Srebrenica and The Gay Bomb”

  1. Oh, BTW, the “gay bomb” would be a great item to market, or better, give away free. The chemical substance could easily be placed in atomizers and sprayed on hapless and helplessly amiable het men/boys on the street, in libraries, movies in caseswhere they seemed directionless in thier lives or dispairing of the female of the species, just for a temporary reprieve. It has to be very difficult and disillusioning being a straight male.Whenever I see them I thank the gods or whatever. But just think! they can be cured, albeit temporarily.

  2. It’s always a challenge to squeeze any sense out of opposing positions which are equally as idiotic. Certainly gays do a poor job of convincing straight men that they would be good soldiers if they could be good housewives as well. The political positions are at odds to the heterosexual male mind which , of course conceives marriage to be a reconciliation to feminine needs for nesting and security. “Real men” the kind who can fight wars would as soon be free of that bondage but for the familial demands put on them by society. Any “normal” bullet bitting male would as soon be out sowing his wild oats ad infinitum, if he could. That could be behind Sheehans imaginings. He’s just thinking, boy, if I was free of the old lady I’d be out diddling whoever I could, these gays must be nuts: getting married(?)

    As for the General’s argument, like those of literally all of the right wing wingnuts, inhabiting every niche of the American media, he’s just throwing a misrepresented situation at the clot of dummies who hold “teaparties” etc. and equate socialism with fascism,as a legitimate generality, it does little help to suggest in contrast that maybe,e.g. Richard the Lionhearted was an historic icon of soldiery because he was a homosexual. That’s because none of these geeks can think critically, even on the most elementary level, any more than the gays can-in America.

    It is undoubtedly true that in the absence of any mentation, a bomb or some other armegedon: probably economic, will get people’s minds off of being aimlessly stupid, and just plain paralized.

  3. straightonlyinbed

    If you want to defeat the undead, unkillable, revived right wing in america, you have to offer something to the people who believe in and vote for them. You can’t just bitch at them or fearfully mimic them. Gays have to stand up and be interesting again, not Bruno! In the states, where american cheese and shiny anger are king, Bruno perfectly represents the image of “gay”, ever “fabulous”, ever “stoopid”.
    Gays and the left wing in america have the exact same problem. They want to belong to some fabled norm and safety, while offering no insight, no attraction, no concrete practical ideas on anything at all, to the right. They don’t even know why they form a group any more. They’re so busy reaffirming their victimhood they’ve forgotten where they put it.
    Look at the irrelevance of gay discussion in america. Who cares if they disappear tomorrow? Gays? May-be.
    Look at supposed liberals under Barry. What have they said or done that’s worth hearing? Sure Obama is a bad president and a fake trickster and corporate lackey. But why wouldn’t he be? Because it isn’t a romantic ideal? There’s no liberal argument for any of their pretended beliefs, they don’t have on and don’t want to have one. Just weeping and braying victimhood like babies. Followed by caving in and smiling.
    No wonder the crazies on the right see them all as “passifs” and poor fighters.

    The conservative homophobes aren’t visualizing specific examples of brave gay soldiers in the field who get down in the dirt, I mean down to business, ….you know what I mean…. and just do their job like perfect warriors. They’re visualizing pathetic liberals who, even when they win they lose as well as the gay lobby who means nothing and stands for less. That’s what general Sheehan is seeing, that’s what anyone who talks like he does in america, is seeing, and then idiotically applying to gay soldiers which they never observed knowingly, because it’s “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

    Get some F**k**’ ideas and then win the day. Oh my brethren. (I had to put that “k” in there, it just isn’t a potent F-bomb without the K. Feel free to edit it out.)

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