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British Men Now Take Longer To Get Ready Than Women

It’s official.  At least according to a survey by Superdrug.

The same survey reports that the average man spends only 19p less than women per month on beauty products, but spends a minute more than the ladies each day cleansing and toning and moisturising.

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4 thoughts on “British Men Now Take Longer To Get Ready Than Women”

  1. Oh and that list excludes all of the aromatherapy oils you have to douse yourself with and the pumicing and exfoliating that has to be done to the feet..And of yes, undersarm shaving and deoderizing. You never know what will happen. Some even douche just in case.

  2. Steven: You can imagine that now with body waxing, different faceline reducers(used simultaineously) for different parts of the face, products to prevent hair lose.(on top),phermones. Just fot the hair, clayfor fullness, gloss,. One has to pump up those muscles a bit…. God it could take all day just to get out by noon.
    Mark: advertizers, some of whom I’ve gotten to know well apply to the reptile brain of cnsumers, not the intelect: EVER.

  3. It says ‘grooming products’ in the Mail article. I can’t bear the euphemistic expression ‘grooming’ and interpreted it to mean beauty products. But perhaps the survey makes some kind of uncommunicated distinction between ‘grooming products’ and ‘make-up’….

  4. Only 19p less? Given that women apply blusher, foundation, lipstick and eyeliner (I think) and probably many other things of which I’m unaware, does that mean that men’s beauty products are very much more expensive?

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