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Men’s Health Magazine Appoints New Brazilian Editor

Is it wrong to be slightly turned on?

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19 thoughts on “Men’s Health Magazine Appoints New Brazilian Editor”

  1. p.s. part of the humor of this fior me relates to a scene where I was having coffee with several comsiderably younger friends. They were intent on talking about the relative size of everyone’s legs , wrists, bicepts, etc (non- sexual) .Related to working out.. It’s interesting how we mispercieve ourselves relative to how we are when juxtaposed.

  2. Mark S, I should have been more explicit:; I meant t he flowchart! the enhacements on the young man are fine; Moreover, he seems to be enjoying himself. A commentary of sorts on narcisism, and the attention we give to the size of different parts.

  3. I know some people who would appreciate such a guidepost. For those of us who tend to think “out of the box”, relying on somethng like that would induce the effect of a seminary. My id tends to have a mind of it’s own. At that, I havn’t been arrested for sexual crimes; yet at least. Is that the embarrasment of which you speak?

  4. If it is only a matter of guys having tits, it was at least the case not that long ago that drag queens in San Francisco could get hormones and have both tits and baskets, not unattractively when placed correctly.
    I had the aquaintance of a really attractive young man who was masculine in all aspects of his body except that he had a pussy(impossed surgically. He worked in Las Vegas in the sex trade.and I think was quite a hit with some customers, understandably, I think . But then, Mark might like him as well being disinclined to the status quo.
    Then a little variety is good for everyone.
    This particular chap could use a different “plastic surgeon”. Even I would get neutrotic with all that jitterbugging.

  5. I think being slightly turned on is just right. It’s soooo disgusting you can’t help getting a bit wet (or stiff) as the case may be.

    Gawd help us all if this is the future. I guess I’m just old fashioned. I like tits on girls, not on guys.

    If I ever wake up to this, hope they just shoot me…

  6. So reminisant of the latest wave of films portraying alien symbiotic use of human bodies. It keeps one wondering where the happy lad will see an unsavory protrusion pop out amidst blood and guts and slither off to overtake the world. Maybe the moobs are futuristic , hopefully not.
    I’ll take the boy without any aliens, he has plenty of his own handles, I’d bet.
    This is perhaps the newest import from the Brazilian rainforest; “good ‘ sci-fi, bad reality-at least one that I would hate waking up to ..

  7. And, rather helpfully, he seems to have grown handles on his shoulders. Which might come in handy for you, Mark.


  8. Right or wrong those moobs are the future. Look at the way he caresses them and moans — tits and pecs finally brought together. Every modern male’s ambition.

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