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Halloween Dilemmas

How To Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son

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9 thoughts on “Halloween Dilemmas”

  1. oh christ and I was actually there when she was awarded the fucking thing. why? well… she did the fucking children’s hour! lol also I think she directed some short with a gay/lez theme. one can only shudder to imagine. Of course her little speech was all about her own little sick mythology. what useless scenery chewing vagina denata. she was appealing when she was really young, but that was a looong time ago. Why people want to watch the bitch onscreen nowadays is one of the mysteries as far as I’m concerned.

  2. wow… highlarious. . . I’ve never so much as cracked a smile at the onion newspaper. video really is their medium!

    oh christ as for glaad again I know I wrote this somewhere recently. Well, I abhored Borat too much to even think about going to see Bruno, but the bits I couldnt’ avoid looked a lot funnier than anything in Borat, of which I sat through about an hour, not at all amused, before bailing. but christ all it takes to please them is for some celeb to fart in their general direction. it was really gross how people were encouraged to THANK that afroed white film critic whatever his name is for explaining that he was “sorry” he “hurt” people but that he still stood by his idea of the “sexual predator” all with the enlightenment of having queers among his own brood, yet downright respectable with a “partner” or ‘husband’ or whatever the fuck… also I really don’t understand some of their orchid throws AT ALL. How could a woman who in an interview elaborating on her enlightened oscar winning actress’ point of view that “you get in this life whatever you want” when prodded by the interviewer who asked “even people with AIDS?” answered, “yes” ever the fuck be in line for an anti defamation award!!! Hint: in her past lives this wouldn’t have been an issue.

  3. The advantage of the groupthink technique has been recently recognised as having a distinct advantage over each person individually wasting energy thinking for himself—part of the energy conservation effort.

  4. RT They do it in units (e,.g of hissy fits) as Mark says, it’s an aspect of gay Groupthink, the new American ACT UP: group hissy fits!

  5. Wait until the GLAAD discover this sketch wasn’t written by a genuine homo. The deep hurt felt by the community will then warrant a hissy fit or two.

  6. Horribly progressive and very funny – because it isn’t pastiche. “The Ladyboy will sneak out on his own…” These pesky effeminate types that insist on ‘flaming’ the neighbourhood.

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