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Transexy Alex Reid


Yesterday’s Daily Star tells us, in a news item that seems to be full of invisible exclamation marks, that ‘The hunky cage-fighting lover of sexy Kate Price is a secret cross-dresser called Roxanne{!!!}.’

Muscleman Alex Reid, 34, has had the dual identity throughout his adult life.  As Roxanne he wears full make-up, women’s clothes, wigs and high heels and even alters his voice to make him sound like a woman{!!!}. He also snaps at anyone who calls him Alex while he is in his female character{!!!!!}.

Well, can you blame him?  If I went to all that trouble to model myself on a Sting single about a loose lady putting on the red light and people still called me boring old ‘Mark’, I’d be a bit sharp too.

His family are said to be relaxed about his double life and girlfriend Kate, alias Jordan, 31, is sticking by him. Yesterday she even admitted: “I find it really horny.”

Yes, it certainly has a sexy publicity angle to it….

She is so accepting of his Roxanne role that she bought him dozens of pairs of size 10 stilettos on a recent shopping trip{!!!}

Despite the relaxed attitudes of Price and family, there are quite a few dissappointed punters out there.  Many of them trannies.  It was Michelle, my male-to-female tranny friend and former male stripper called Stud-U-Like, forwarded me this story – in disgust.  Sometimes trannies have the greatest faith in masculinity, despite knowing its weaknesses very intimately.  But then, I suppose that’s what faith is.  And besides, it’s always a bitch when tranny-fuckers turn tranny.

I’m not much of a believer myself.  Not in these mediated, metrosexual days of male sluttery.  Besides, I don’t really mind strapping lads in basques who want to be high-heeled sluts.  I’m just not sure where I’m going to get the energy to deal with them all{!!!!}.

And regardless of whether or not ‘Roxanne’ really exists, for some time I’ve looked at those ubiquitous pictures of of Alex and Kate going shopping and thought: Your beefy new boyfriend is borrowing your bronzer and is even more aroused by large lenses than you.  In other words: it’s a perfect match.  For all that cage-fighting cabbage-eared muscleman shtick – which looked as hyper-real as Price’s boobs – he seemed even more like a MTM transexual than her previous partner Peter ‘Abs’ Andre (who of course is no longer a MTM, but a MTJW: male-to-jilted-wife).

Besides, it’s all so inevitable.  I wrote an essay for Out magazine last year, partly inspired by my friend Michelle’s transtastic journey from Stud-U-Like to Chick-U-Love, about how we’re all going transexy:

Looking around at our sexually transparent, stimulated-simulated, implanted-imploding, cam-fun-anyone? world, it’s difficult not to conclude that most of us are going tranny but without the, er, balls to actually change sex or even properly cross-dress. We’re all becoming male-to-male and female-to-female transsexuals: transexy.

Nice to know that at least one transexy male celeb has the balls to properly cross dress.  But I guess if you’re a cage fighter then people are more likely to remember to call you ‘Roxanne’.  And not laugh.  At least, not in front of you.

Or else this might happen.

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17 thoughts on “Transexy Alex Reid”

  1. For real, Marcelo, because of weapon codes and the ease of searching in San Francisco, drag queens carried, as standard equipment ,a pair of 12″ scissors, presumably for sewing. Coco Vega was a hot tempered New York hispanic queen. She was only protecting herself, but they were bringing her up on manslaughter charges. Not anticipating prison, she O.D’d on heroin a few days after. I guess it sounds funny but It was really unfortunate.. Street queens live a really touch and go life, living on the real edge of things.

  2. I take that last claim back ; makes them sound like sperm depositories. I highly admire and adore good bottoms. Bless their hearts.There can’t be enough of them!

  3. Sisu; the more helium heels the better, for me. I got disappointed enough in the beginning just to give up and make the best of my fate. I know you’ll think I’m greedy but remember, bottoms are a renewable resource.

  4. @Mark Walsh

    And of course all the evidence you give is anecdotal. Your arguments always boil down to you knowing someone who is not like I describe. So what? There are millions of gay guys so of course there will be some exceptions. Does this mean this is the rule? No. I want empirical evidence and not just so stories. Please follow the scientific method. Thanks.

  5. Isn’t that always the way? Men of steel, heels of helium. It’s not just trannies that are disappointed in today’s masculinity.

  6. Maybe Alex is really a woman taking hormones and Price a lesbian since she thinks Roxanne is sexy. Would that scorch Michele? such devisiveness?

  7. I should have put that more clearly Mark: “how can a female fucker be a tranny as well unless he becomes a lesbian? That seems doubtful as long as he has male equipment or is just a fetishist.

  8. @Mark: But did Michelle fuck tranys before He was a she?

    @Pedro: I used to fight all the time and I’m gay as all get out; the most fearsome gays are drag queens or genderfuckers. My freind Coco killed a guy and I’ve seen little drag queens jump into any fight.

  9. This just goes to show that every rule has it’s exception. I am an MMA enthusiast and I’ve never heard of this guy before. Anyhow, how many UFC, PRIDE, K-1, Affliction, etc fighters are gay or cross dressers? I’m not aware of any. And before someone claims that this is only so because they are in the closet, I wonder why, if this is the case, I’ve never met gay men who are into MMA. I mean, if there are tons of gay guys who love fighting, then yes, that argument would make sense and there would be lots of gay fighters who hide their sexual orientation because of fear of homophobia. However, the fact that I’ve never encountered any gay men who are into fighting tends to tell me that the reason why there aren’t any gay fighters we know of is not because they are in the closet, but because there are no gay fighters and the reason being that gay men have no interest in becoming fighters. Straight men are a lot more aggressive and driven to dominance…..

  10. I can see Michelles irritation; “How can a tranny fucker become a trany”: how can a tranny fucker be a tranny unless he becomes a lesbian? That seems doubtful if he has male equipment. He seems not to be just a fetishist , but maybe is I don’t see that a true Trany would want to be any bulkier than he had to be. Was Michele a Trany fucker (trucker?)?

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