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Sporno in German


The new issue of Germany’s leading gay magazine Manner Aktuell carries an essay on Sporno by yours truly (and yes, that’s my name on the cover but not, alas, my body).

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10 thoughts on “Sporno in German”

  1. I suspect that even poisionous amounts of steroids–enough to make his hair all fall out–would create that defined a body: Photoshop has made marveous and unreal effects possible now. If only everyone would only have to go get a photoshop appointment to get three dimensional, living effects.! It might put gyms out of business.

  2. I’m embarrassed to say I do know whose body that is. His name’s Jakub Stefano and he comes from Brno in the Czech Republic. If someone ever figures out what they put in the water in Eastern Europe, do please let me know.

  3. He does publish in one of the major American mags, but my guess is that they censor out anything that might create controversy given the weird gay politics current here. Also nobody can read anything that’s very complicated, they can only handle text messaging!
    As with everything here the main object is a respectable image and moreover product sales. Writers in Mark’s category like C. Paglia with are treated shabily when they do get published & gay respectability is bland and pedestrian.

  4. Maybe Mark should publish in every country’s gay mags…. shake up the tripe that they so proudly publish. Ours in Australia are particularly bland.

  5. More likely your body than Franco’s. Kudos, I’m surrounded by German and similar No. Europeans and avoid learning any more than I have to. An English copy of Manner Aktual lwould be nice to have. Needless to say there are very few enough memorable events or cultural landmarks to recall this immanently forgetable age (in the U.S.). Someday, If we survive your’s may be the only voice in the English speaking world of note that anyone wants to recall.

  6. To be honest, I’m not even sure that’s James Franco’s body.

    There is an English translation, but it won’t be published until next year in a collection I’m compiling. But I’m sure you’ve heard it all before anyway.

  7. If that was your body, I would be catching the next flight to the UK! 😉

    My German is limited to, “Mein Gott! Ist die Lusitania!” which is only useful if I am about to torpedo a World War One passenger ship….so is there an English translation?

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