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Ricky Berens Sporno Swimsuit – ‘The Bruno’


US Olympic swimmer Ricky Berens unveiled his new dashing new swimsuit during the 4x100m relays at the World Swimming Championships in Rome last weekend.  ‘The Bruno’ caused something of a splash – and the US team, no doubt encouraged by the stirring vision before them – both of them – successfully qualified for the Finals.

Let’s hope other swimsuit designers adopt the asstounding aquadynamics of Mr Berens’ blond butt cheeks.


Tip: Joe My God/Uroskin



I’m very grateful to Mark W for reminding me of this highly apposite literary quotation ‘regarding’ the male derriere:

“The veneration I feel for that part of the body and the great tenderness that I have bestowed on the [boys] who have allowed me to enter it, the grace and sweetness of their gift, oblige me to to speak of all this with respect”

Genet- “Funeral Rites”


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12 thoughts on “Ricky Berens Sporno Swimsuit – ‘The Bruno’”

  1. He could have been dogpaddleing and still won hands down in my book even before he got to the other side; but you’re right it was definitely free-style. He redefined the free-style concept for good! Maybe more athletes will have the courage now to innovate like that!

  2. Ricky Berens tore the back of his swimsuit in a qualifying heat of the 4x100m relay freestyle, but still 😉

  3. What’s the ‘aerodynamic’ angle on this?

    I remember when cyclists started wearing those ‘hats’ that when into a weird taper at the back, like they were in a PSB’s video or something.

    But this has to be justified by physics, surely? Like Viagra, it must at least enable, if not enhance, performance.

    I’m baffled as it looks like the water would just seep into that gap above his arse cheeks and turn him into some slow-moving buoyancy aid.

    Isn’t the whole idea to have a seamless second skin? Obviously synthetic clothing technology has moved.

  4. Berens said that he barely noticed! I’ll bet–looks like he’s hurrying off to a date on the pool’s far end. In any case that’s a sterling case of predate enthusiasm, getting in the way of work!

    I’d definitely give him a prize. To say the least he qualified and a little more.

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