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‘You Big Jessie!’ Pat Phoenix’s Verdict on the Metrosexual

‘It’s you that needs to watch it. You go out reeking like that and people will start saying things about you!” 

You were right, Pat, so right.

Thanks to Caleb Everett

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2 thoughts on “‘You Big Jessie!’ Pat Phoenix’s Verdict on the Metrosexual”

  1. Yes, but what was the transgressive fragrance? And is it still available in Boots or Superdrug?

    I get strange looks when I whip out a vial of Brut or Hai Karate when I’m getting hot and bothered in the bushes. But it works for me. Takes me back to the good old days when ‘real men’ didn’t shower every six hours.

    Why doesn’t David Beckham just sell us a chemical approximation of his actual crotch-in-yer face pheremone-majesty?

    Or how about: Mark Simpson’s ‘Bona-Fide Balls Aroma’? ‘Big Jessie’s Roll On Deoderant’? With suitably priapic designs to draw eyeballs to top shelf placements in respectable supermarkets. Mark’s sultry pout as displayed on this web page to reel em in. Live demos at hen parties. Companion dildoes. Etc

  2. Ah, the old days when those that applied a little fragrance would, “smell loike a poof’s par-la!”

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