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Adidas Go Sporno


Adidas’ flirty-shirty interactive sporno gets its tits out in New Zealand: ‘Which two players would you like to see swap jerseys?’

No.1 and No.3 did it for me – though I’d quite like to have invited No.5 to join us, but unfortunately you can only choose one-on-one jersey-swapping at present.

I’m sure though that given the ‘penetration’ of sporno into the culture, group shirt swapping along with shorts-swapping options isn’t far off.

Tip: Jay Hirst

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7 thoughts on “Adidas Go Sporno”

  1. Things have changed. ‘Rugby build’ used to mean ‘stocky’. Now it means ‘tarty’. Especially where the backs are concerned – they tend to be super-fit. Forwards on the other hand can still be very ‘centred’.

  2. Unless things have changed Rugby players are by and large kind of a chubby lot. I’ve seen one in the fieldhouse who was an adonis. Hanging from the ceiling naked. Soccer players are far more inclined to be lithe and conditioned and attractive. Rugby favours the well padded lad. I’m not so fond of plump characters.

  3. The sportswear shops here in Auckland are plastered with shirts hanging over the shoulders Super 14 promo posters. Something worth looking at while waiting for the bus.

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