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Morrissey Throwing His Lallies Around Paree

‘Only stone and steel accept my love…’

Or can handle it.  ‘Throwing My Arms Around Paris’ is the swooning new single from the (Moz-cara wearing) old groaner, full of his curiously uplifting despair throwing its empty arms around… his audience again. The perfect companion piece to last year’s bottom-spanking ‘All You Need is Me’, a song that seems to address his lovers and detractors at the same time.

Because of course, they’re one and the same: ‘You don’t like me but you love me, either way your wrong’. (In the vid he briefly uses his tambourine as an arch halo.)

That’s two good tracks from the forthcoming Years of Refusal album already.

Which is two more than on Ringleader of the Tormentors.

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8 thoughts on “Morrissey Throwing His Lallies Around Paree”

  1. I have to agree with Steve B. This is Morrissey on autopilot. Instantly forgettable – a meat ‘n potatoes guitar track with sludgy production. Unimaginative promo too.

    Get back with Stephen Street and start making some interesting music again Moz!

  2. Wanted to love this but its a poor effort. Morrissey is the spitting image of the Jarrow Elvis these days. Bless him and his former glories.

  3. Wanted to love this but its a poor effort. Morrissey is the spitting image of the Jarrow Elvis these days. Bless him and his formel glories.

  4. Wow. On the first video – it is amazing how unwell he didn’t age, that makeup and the gestures now seem very Liberace ~ as opposed to the second video where he becomes the pied piper (with tamborine) of young studs with ironic t-shirts or a slightly more dignified Jacko Wacko.

    Sorry “Girls Wanted” T-shirt really? There is a big girl waving a tamborine, that just happens to resemble a diesel dyke…

  5. More lyrics puhleeeze Moz! Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus!!! This song has a great pretense, but unfortunately fizzles due to lack of imagination or effort. The structure is there but stunted. It’s a shame, it showed such promise. . . kinda like a well designed building that gets cut off at the knees due to the credit crunch.

  6. shoplifters of the world

    “Throwing My Arms Around Paris” The song is horrible. He’s finally become a parody of himself.

  7. I like the peirrot make-up, it works with those brows. He could play Madonna’s dad in a 1984 video to Papa Don’t Preach.

    It’s a short one, huh? 2 minutes and gone. And a return to the bare white studio vid – — the credit crunch hits music vids or a desire to shun the obvious shot of Moz cycling along the the pretty streets of gay paris.

    Mozzer’s dance moves by Sandi Shaw; Mozzer’s band are sponsored by Hollands pies, the pies that do fill you up between meals.

  8. “Which is two more than were on Ringleader of the Tormentors”.


    They are great tracks though. I just think he ought to sack his stylist. The bullet-hole tee shirt needs talking about. As does the eye-shadow…


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