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Boy George and George Michael – queer cellmates?


Mark Simpson ponders the trouble the two Georges, Boy and Michael, have been getting in lately in this month’s Out:

What is it about middle-aged queer British pop stars from the ’80s? Why can’t they settle down, keep their noses clean, their peckers zippered, and their faces out of the papers? More precisely, what is it about middle-aged queer British pop stars from the ’80s named George?

George Alan O’Dowd, slightly better known as Boy George, former Culture Club front/frock man, starts 2009 being “banged up” — as we call prison sentences in the U.K. — for attacking and imprisoning a Norwegian male escort he’d invited to his home.

Read the article in full here.

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2 thoughts on “Boy George and George Michael – queer cellmates?”

  1. I don’t think it’s fair to lump Boy George and George Michael together. George Michael only ever engaged in consensual sex and used drugs. Boy George, on the other hand, committed a violent crime. I’m surpised you can’t see the difference there.
    I can imagine if I was rich and famous, I might be self indulgent and use drugs and have a lot of sex. But I don’t think I would go and handcuff someone to a wall and beat them with a metal chain.
    I had the displeasure of meeting Boy George. He’s very nasty and unpleasant. George Michael in interviews comes off as dignified, polite and a perfect gentleman.

  2. In Micheal’s case, the erotic frisson of cottaging, (or ‘outdoor sport’ as he referred to it after the Beverly Hills incident) might be required to augment flagging testosterone levels. Recalling Warhol’s insightful ‘sex is nostalgia for sex’ the kinky habits to which we are prone in middle-age may have a physiologic basis.

    Whatever. I find it heartening that old fashioned cruising remains alive and well in the Age of American Idol and the general gaying of popular culture. Indeed, dimly lit public WCs may be the last remaining places where upstanding degenerate homosexuals can go to avoid having a rainbow flag wrapped around them!

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