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Upset Stomach? Try Swallowing Several Fireman

Tell me it’s not just me.

Tell me that the admen who came up with this commercial for an antacid have been watching too much porn too.

(There’s an English version here – but it’s even more absurd when you can understand what they’re saying.)

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6 thoughts on “Upset Stomach? Try Swallowing Several Fireman”

  1. No, it’s not just you, and as always, thank you for pointing it out (I’ve eaten your writing like a Czech woman and her Gaviscon for years). I wonder what firemen take for heartburn? Or whether I’ve just seen too many self –

    I’d better stop there.

  2. To end with “What a Feeling” was way too gay. Never did I think the ad people would be inspired by Creampie/Bukake videos…but hey the animators are probably 22 anyway…

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