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Snogging Rugby Players (Again)

Even more snogging rugby players, this time in an American online ad for a noise-cancelling bluetooth headset.

I don’t wish to appear ungrateful, but it’s clear that American ad men, even groovy online ones, really don’t get rugby. Or 21st Century sexuality.

As the lovely lads of Sandbach have shown us so graphically, two rugger buggers snogging is:

a) Nothing unusual

b) Guaranteed to make your teammates even more excitable

And the phenomenon of Manlove for Ladies would suggest that this chick is probably kicking herself she missed the action while gossiping on the phone with her gal pal.

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3 thoughts on “Snogging Rugby Players (Again)”

  1. The Americans have always been squeamish about showing guys in sexual situations on TV adverts, I find this ad partciularly intriuging for 2 reasons, firstly they’re rugby players? most American men say rugby is too soft and not as hard as American Football and secondly the ad goes beyond showing two guys in a manly bonding kiss, these guys are really going for it AND they take off their shirts to get some one on one skin contact. This ad will never been shown on middle America’s TV screens. The Bible belters would be apopleptic! But it worked for me!

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