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Becks’ Bulge Begins Boyzilian Boom

Beck’s ‘tidy’ Armani underwear ads have generated a craze for male waxing, according to the Guardian:

All over the country more and more men (gay and straight alike) are marching into beauty salons and demanding a “Boyzilian”, or as one Yorkshire-based salon bills it, “the Full Monty”. In other words, the complete or near-complete removal of hair in intimate areas using wax. If you have £120 to spare, you can even get it done in Harrods, in the Refinery spa.

Clearly these men haven’t been reading Desmond Morris’ recently-published hairy retrosexual reverie The Naked Man. He must be, er, pulling his hair out.

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5 thoughts on “Becks’ Bulge Begins Boyzilian Boom”

  1. As a photographer, either La Bex has fantasically beautiful skin (which is possible given all the freebie beuty products he probably gets) or the photographer in this case has some skill in Photoshop to make it look like that.

    He’s a lovely man to look at and I’d love to photograph him, hair waxed or not.

    Last thought, is he really that big between the legs or has he forgotten to leave his goldenballs protector in the changing room?

  2. I don’t think he’d allow his face to be obscured like that.

    Unless he was told the hood was impregnated with rare Amazonian tea-trea oil and artisan-crafted moisturisers.

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