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Ultimate Underwear: C-IN2’s Prison Parade

The latest ‘arresting’ ad from hip men’s designer underwear label, C-IN2. Shot by Steven Klein. It’s currently airing on billboards on the streets of Melbourne where kids and nuns and navvies can see it. And why not?

There’s really nothing I can say about this or what it says about contemporary masculinity and metrosexuality that isn’t completely explicit in the ‘captivating’ image itself.

OK, so there’s one thing I have to point out: It seems the model prisoner closest to the camera hasn’t mastered the gay porn star technique of removing your trousers without taking off your boots. Perhaps he spent too long plumping his quiff – or his packet.

No doubt he’s going to be severely punished by the nasty guard with the big machine gun.

Maybe he’ll throw him in the cage and make him do a few rounds of Ultimate Fighting.

PS – I’ve been reliably informed that C-IN2 underwear includes a cock-ring type device designed to push your privates into the public’s face. Men these days are just total hussies. They should be locked up.

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8 thoughts on “Ultimate Underwear: C-IN2’s Prison Parade”

  1. Alas, that’s beyond my painfully limited techie capabilities. Just barge away anyway, and if necessary I’ll edit. Your behind-the-design-scenes story about the charities wanting the eyes of the starving kids made ‘more puppyish’ is stuff you couldn’t make up. Did the clients for animal charities ask you to make puppies look more kid-ish?

  2. Er – any chance of adding an edit facility so when I don’t read the new entry on the blog first, just barge away, I can go back and delete it?

  3. My dull explanation – yes. I’m afraid I used to work in the design/layout (s)industry and had my fair share of art directors going can’t you make the logo just a bit more noticeable? They weren’t the worst, that was the charity who would ask me to enlarge the eyes of starving children in their photos “to make them look more puppyish”.

    I suspect all the models were booked from the same agency and they don’t do ‘a range’.

    Not to step on Dave’s toes, here’s the link to the Eurostar ads in the D-Mail (don’t get your expectations up though mate) –

  4. Baz: your prosaic explanation sounds all too convincing….

    And it isn’t just you – the prison guard doesn’t look nasty enough. Maybe something more realistic would have spoilt those tighty-whities.

    Dave: ‘fraid I haven’t seen the intriguing ad you mention. Do you have a link?

  5. Can´t say that they do much for me.

    But be interested to know your take on the Eurostar ad campaign in Belgium with the urinating skinhead.

  6. Unfortunately, the overalls are just a visual technique. Not surprisingly perhaps with half-a-dozen men in their tighty-whities and the front one looking like Elvis before he discovered burgers, the art director obviously thought it needed a visual tug of colour to pull the viewer’s eye down to the logo. A pool of blood on the floor would have done it, but I can understand why they plumped for the overalls.

    Is it just me or is the prison guard a bit too, well, young and small?

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