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The Gay Bomb covers the US Air Force in glory

The USAF’s infamous ‘Gay Bomb’ has won an illustrious gong at this year’s prestigious Ig Nobel Awards. Here’s the piece I wrote about it for the Guardian earlier this year:

Armed & Amorous – America’s ‘Gay Bomb’

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3 thoughts on “The Gay Bomb covers the US Air Force in glory”

  1. Baz: re 300, the Spartans didn’t wear leather jockstraps in battle and neither was Xerxes a drag queen. But that’s Hollywood kink for ya. The Romans were not as keen as the Greeks on all that man-on-man (or rather man-on-boy) action.

  2. I imagine this love bomb as a giant bottle of amyl-nitrate left opened on the battle field. Soldiers discarding their weapons and getting out of their gear to get all runty and forget about the war. Fighting morale would not only be diminished among enemy troops but soldiers from all sides may want to join in that great orgy! Wearing gas masks with a small cannister of amyl attached is really great for morale on the battlefield of love – but I digress.
    Since so many have been fired from the US armed forces for homosexual behaviour, it’s clear they have been testing this love bomb for a while now. Only, it wouldn’t work too well against armies where it’s actually not illegal to be gay and in the army. i.e. in most of the civilised world bar a few Anglo-Saxon countries.
    Since the project has been aborted the private sector must have picked up on it, manufactured a blue pill and marketed it as an erectile dysfunction drug for soldiers who want to get away from the gay battlefield.


  3. You mention 300 and it’s only necessary to look to the ancient Greeks to see that homosexuality in the ranks doesn’t harm fighting efficiency – the Romans too for that matter. The Dogmatists introducing women has done more to create tension. It worked the way it was done in WWII, but that’s not the way they’re doing it now. Makes me wonder if the Generals do protest too much.

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