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BearForce1 – Can YOU Resist Them?

BearForce1, Holland’s answer to Take That – which in turn was the UK’s answer to the Village People – have landed.

And they make the Village People look, like, totally straight. Not to mention well-dressed.

Suddenly millions of straight men realise with horror where their studied furry ‘retrosexual’ ‘real guy’ look came from….

Gran Canaria.

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7 thoughts on “BearForce1 – Can YOU Resist Them?”

  1. No, no, I did go to the Jumbo Centre, probably before you did, if I remember reading your book. This was 1988 when those dark recesses were full of East London ruff on holiday too. For all that money, sun, sea, sex and sand I really could have stayed in London and just trawled the Heath instead. I met the same punters there (but not the priest)!
    Oh, and Germans of course, but Playa del Ingles was very popular with Scandinavians at the time.

  2. It sounds as if you didn’t explore the deepest, darkest interior of the fabled Jumbo Centre…. You’ll be telling me next that you didn’t come across any Germans.

    It may be though that while the video seems to have been shot in Gran Canaria, Amsterdam is the place to find EuroBears. If you really want to.

    And Marc: yes, thanks very much for 2Unlimited and the Venga Boys, and now BearForce1 – but can you stop it now, please?

  3. What I can remember from a holiday in Gran Canaria, which isn’t very much considering I spent a lot of time drunk in the gutter being helped by a kind priest (the horror! the horror!) after all night benders bending over in the bent clubs, is that an evening clutch of twinks but no bears were there.

  4. Hillarous! Oh my god, I actually found two of them cute, is there something wrong with me, or is it all the gloss and the quick editing?

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