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Another liberal loses his mind over Larry Craig

An eloquent, but quite unhinged example from columnist Mark Morford of American liberal hysteria over the Craig affair:

‘In fact, Craig’s classic case of GOP hypocrisy, of the chasm between his homophobic public persona and his homosexual personal lusts is simply so blatant, so undeniably grotesque, he becomes a bizarre case study, a cultural curio, a deeply fascinating — albeit largely nauseating — archetype, full of obvious but still mandatory lessons for us all. ‘

What a veritable flurry of irresistible adjectives: ‘Undeniable’, ‘blatant’, ‘nauseating’, ‘grotesque’, ‘obvious’, ‘mandatory’. Very persuasive. Very reasoned.

Now go and have a lie down, dear.

Fortunately have provided the anti-dote to this shrill self-righteousness in the form of a less exciting but much more pertinent piece by Jonathan Zimmerman.

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3 thoughts on “Another liberal loses his mind over Larry Craig”

  1. Yes, you might almost say that Craig and this story have been… flushed. The nervous hysteria of America, not knowing whether to laugh or retch, seemed to be coming from somewhere deep down inside. American potty training must be very thorough.

  2. Two weeks later the story is gone from the press, and so is Craig. I do think the disappearence of the story had more to do with the taboo of public toilet sex than anything else. For Americans of all sorts including gays, it is considered far too taboo to discuss.

  3. This made me roll about – Daily Telegraph – US Senator’s ‘gay sting’ sparks toilet tourism –

    I now declare the Larry Craig Memorial Bathroom open…

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